gymnastics work
since i was still sick today I just did some HS holds focusing on hollowing out my pelvis and tried to do Strict HSPU.  I was pretty weak, so they didn’t go real well.  😦  Decided to work on slow negatives and a kip up.  did about 10 of these. 
A.  Snatch grip push press + OHS (2+1)x  3 sets.. go off feel here (try to get up to 75)
These were feeling and looking MUCH better.  worked up to 75 lb.
B.  Snatch; 70% x 2 singles x 4 sets… rest 5 sec. bt. reps (84)
snatches at this weight felt terrible.  I gutted through 4 sets of 2, but they were ugly.  Here’s a vid of my last set (and a cameo of my daughter doing split jerks!)
C.  FS @ 80% x 2 x 4 (136)
These felt great and relatively easy at 138 lbs.
D.  CTB pull ups x 12-15 ub reps x 3 sets
I did today’s wod in my garage so don’t have a rig yet.  I set the rings up high and did strict pull ups instead.  I got 2 sets of 5 reps and 1 max set at 6.  Here’s a vid of last set.