gymnastics work – day 2
Started with MU….got 2 singles then went for 2 ub…got it.  I KNEW IT WAS THE GRIP!  I popped right up there both arms no issue with the false grip. CHA CHING!!!
1 min single under warm up
vups, arch ups 25 each
3 rounds of couplets:
wall walk holds (20 sec)
hollow rocks (35)
was running low on time so did 25 yard hs walk instead.  meant to go back to hollow rocks, but forgot.  
weighted tempo dips 55×1 tempo
maltese raises with 10 lb db
Did tempo dips on the rings with 27.5 lbs.  Did 3 sets of 5, then dropped weight and hit max set without weight….hit 7….happy with that.  
A.  Power Clean; 75% x5 (130), 80% x 3(140), 85% x 2 x 2 (148-150)
These felt great.  Did all sets TNG at 130, 140 and 150.  Video of 150 here:
B.  Snatch lift off x 3 x 4 sets @ 90% (110)
3 rounds @ 4 minutes of work
400m row
10 thrusters, 75#
10 T2B
10 burpees over the barbell (I did bar facing burpees….slowed this down considerably)
max double unders
rest 3 minutes
learn how to control your breathing here
First round, i added 30 seconds to this round to get in some DU.  I actually didn’t finish the burpees til a few seconds over 4:00.  I chalked this up to being sick last few days.  broke up thrusters 5/5…I know….not good…I gotta get better than this!
Round 2:  Got about 10 seconds of DU in….got about 3 or 4 by the time I got untangled from the rope.  I did thrusters UB this round…that made all the difference.
round 3:  finished burpees right at 4:00 min.  I put the thrusters down.  lost the 10 seconds.  grrrrrr….