gymnastics work from yesterday if you didn’t do it.. if you did then just skip this part
1. HSPU strict (max x 3)…Was able to do 3 strict to a thin abmat.   
2. Weighted dips (7×3)…20 lb KB
3.  hollow rocks (35 x 3)…done
4. max stomach HS Hold x 3….30 sec, 30 sec…did one back facing to work on hollow position….40 seconds
A.  Muscle Snatch + Muscle Snatch from above knee (1+4) x 3 sets
Bar for 3 rounds then 55 lbs….was not really pulling through the elbows at all.  Noticed this on the video.  Gotta work on this.
B.  C&J; 70% x 1 rep on the 50 seconds x 5, 1 rep @ 75% on the 60 seconds x 5
Everything felt really fatigued today, so I scaled back and did power cleans at 115. The jerk didn’t feel great at all.   Back is really tired and my foot is still hurting a bit.  Switched to power jerks….did 5 reps at 115 and called it on this one.
C.  10 minute EmOM
odd = 2 Front squat @ 70% – 1st rep is with a 3 sec. pause, 2nd rep is normal
even = 35 double unders
Front squats felt super heavy too, so moved it back down to 95.  Also, doing DU in my oly shoes was a no go…too much added weight to my legs, so I threw my nanos on and just did it.  The FS were fine and the du were a LOT better.  
8 minute amrap
CTB pull ups
calories on AD x 2
I didn’t have any pull, so did this wod with regular butterfly pullups.  Got through 2 complete rounds of 8, 6, 4, 2 pu & 16, 12, 8, 4 cals on the AD in 8:21!  I’ll take it.  🙂