gymnastics work (30 minute cap)
Worked mobility on ankles, squat, and t spine for a while then did the following:
2 strict HSPU, 3o seconds hollow hold x 3 rounds
MU drills learned from Colin this weekend, tap swings, swings with a pull 5 x 3 sets, and hollow hold band pull downs
A.  Front Squat; 65% @ 23×1 x 3 reps x 4 sets
Man, i am still sore….but it felt good to move.  I only did 3 sets….my back was just smoked.
B.  Snatch pull under x 3 x 5 sets *for the first 2 reps I want yo to catch high and ride down and then catch the third rep low
I just couldn’t get my upper body to cooperate with these today, so moved on to AD.
15 minutes on AD
30 sec. @ 80%
30 sec. @ 50%
these were slow but got it done.