worked for 20 min on ankle, hip, shoulder, and t spine mobility before starting today.  watched dan popes videos.  hoping they work!!
gymnastics work
Worked on ring pull ups 5 reps x 3, CTB pull downs with green band 10 x 3 sets, and 1 set of weighted ring thing mu wiht 35 lb kb.  These didn’t go well.  not sure why.  I think I need to get back some of my strict mu strength again. 
A.  BN power jerk @ 70% x 3, 75% x 2, 80% x 1, 85% x 1, 70% x 3
95 x 3, 115 x 2, 125 x 1, 135 x 1 x 2 sets (side and back view).  I have never really worked up this high before.  Haven’t been super confident in this movement.  Felt light today though, even up to 85%.  This is promising.   
B.  C&J *grace style; 3 TnG reps on the 90 seconds x 5 sets -= building + 10 double unders after each set
my clavicle is still hurting from this weekend so bringing the weight down in front rack felt awful.  I did 75, 85, and then 3 sets at 95, but dropped it at the top after a while.  felt awful.
4 rounds @ 80% effort.. keep same routine and keep times around the same
15 cal on rower
15 thrusters, 75#
15 kb swings, 35#
15 ghd sit ups
15 cal on AD
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds
This went horribly.  I couldn’t do thrusters at all.  even with db’s, so did 2 rounds and called it quits.  Sorry!  I’m still not recovered from last weekend.