T-spine warm up:
foam roll and peanut with hips up and down (first alone, second with grabbing something behind)
side lying, wide arms (do not rotate hips or let arm drop just to hit floor)
quadriped rotation with arm behind head
dolphin pose on bench
scapular retraction 3 exercises
PRONE COBRA as finish….30 sec x 3
Squat prep:
pigeon stretch
spider man slow
heals elevated, level, toes lifted OHS x 5
sotts press heals lifted with PVC
A.  Snatch from above knee + ground (2+1) x 4 sets @ 75% (90)
Snatches did not feel great today.  I worked up to 1 set at 90, then took off 10 lbs. to work on form. I just wasn’t holding the weight over my head in a very strong position and it didn’t improve when i lowered the weight. I did 3 rounds and moved on.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwLCdbcvSgE

B.  Front squat @ 25×1 tempo @ 80% of clean x 3 reps (2nd and 3rd rep are no pauses) x 4 sets (130)
These actually felt pretty good today.  I worked VERY hard to maintain my upper thoracic extension and I think it’s definitely better than normal.  Maybe that can be attributed to the 30 min . of upper thoracic exercises I did before today’s start.  🙂
C.  EMOM x 10 minutes = 2 CTB pull ups + 2 pull ups
I did these after the wod b/c I wanted my shoulders to loosen up first.
5 rounds
10 S2OH @ 75#
10 wall balls, 16#
10 T2B
11:26…at the end of round 2, I came off the ttb and rolled my ankle on a pvc pipe that someone left next to the pull up rig.   I’m fine, but fell on my ass for a moment and took about 30 seconds to walk off.   😦  fun, fun!  I did all the movements ub (push jerks for s2oh) but did take longish breaks in between movements.  Friday’s are such a hard day for me on the wods.  It’s always an exhausting week working with high school students.  I gave it all I had, so that’s something.