Warm up:
run 800 meters
100 double unders
3 rounds of:
scarecrows 8 reps, 2.5 lb plates
pull aparts, red band, 8 reps
scap pull ups, 8 reps
ankle mobility against wall 3 sets of 10 each leg
fire hydrants, 5 forward, 5 backward
spider mans, push on knee, 10 total
frog jumps, 5 total
side lunge holding on to pull up rig, 5 each side
A.  Snatch; work up to a comfy HS in 12 minutes
Got under 125 4 x but just couldn’t stick it.  3 x I dumped in front.  1 x it went behind me (that one was really good)
B.  C&J; 85% x 1, 65% x1, 85% x 1, 65% x1, 85% x 1
135, 105, 135, 105, 135
C.  Weighted pull up x 3 x 5
*after each set do 8 kip swings on the rings for non false grip MU
10 lbs, 12.5 lbs, then back down to 10 lbs….last set failed on 3rd rep.
12 minutes – operate @ 80% effort.. you can never stop a movement here.. gauge rest bt. movements on how you feel
5 CTB pull ups
5 hang squat cleans @ 65#
5 burpee box jumps, 20”
I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to CTB after all the pulling and swinging today so I tightened up like colin taught us on the back of the kip and tried to load up my hip like a sling shot and voila…it worked!  6 rounds of 5 ub ctb.  Felt a little more upright on my hang squat cleans.  working REAL hard with massage guy on upper back.  I think it’s starting to help!