A.  Muscle Snatch from pause @ knee x 3 x 4 sets.. by feel
Worked on these up to 65 lbs.  The competitive oly lifters were at the box behind me watching me do them so they gave me some pointers about bringing my elbows REALLY high up…over-exaggerating them.  The second video is from the floor after they gave me some pointers.  check it out.
B.  CDL @ 105% x 3 x 4 sets
175 x 3 x 4…no problem.  LOVE me some DL!
after this I went over to CFNE to work with Rachel on MU.  We did some great drills and worked with the bands a lot.  She gave me a 2 x a week routine to do.  I’ll keep at it.  Ben Bergeron was there and video taped my practice in slow motion.  We looked at it afterwards and he said my main problem is that I’m not aggressive with my hip pop at all.  So….that’s my main focus from now on.  🙂  
4 rounds @ 70/80/90/100% effort
12 PS @ 65#
8 burpees
700m row
rest 3 minutes bt. rounds
when I went back to do this wod, my shoulders were absolutely SMOKED.  I couldn’t even snatch the bar.  I think I had reached my limit after all the weighted pullups, ctb, kip swings and then mu work today.  so, i packed up and went home.  😦