Cardio warm up
AD for 5 min
100 DU
upper thoracic warm up
peanut rolling
side lying tspine rotation
dolphin pose
wall walks with 15 seconds hold at top x 5
scapular warm up
cuban press
banded pull aparts
scap pu’s
A.  RDL to knee x 5 x 4 set s@ 90%
did these at 145….holy lower back!
B.  Jerk dip + frt rack PJ + BN SJ (1+1+1) x 3-4 sets @ 75-80%.. reset from PJ to BN SJ.. don’t lower to back
Worked up to 125 and did 3 sets of these.  here’s a vid:
C.1  mU kip swing x 8 x 3
C.2  Maltese push ups x 15 x 3
I got a flu shot today (hoping that will keep me a bit healthier from now on) so my shoulders were just smoked.  Skipped these movements.
14 minute amrap
70 double unders
50 kb swings, 35#
50 box jumps, 20”
30 CTB pull ups
30 PC @ 75#
20 S2oH  @75#
amrap cal on AD
I’ve been doing 100 DU everyday in my warm up.  Today I did them in 2 sets of 55 and 45…my best day yet.  But when this wod started with DU I completely broke down.  I was struggling to get 2 together.  WTF???  I was completely mentally crushed.  Took me 3 min to finish them.  Did 30/20 KBS, and did 5 sets of 10 fast bj’s, but ended up with only time to do 9 ctb.  This was the most epic failure i have had in a long time.  very humbling day.  😦