upper thoracic extension:
foam roller
side lying rotation
shoulder stretches on the bar
squat prep:
OHS with PVC pipe
A.  Snatch balance + OHS; 1+1 x 3 sets.. build off feel
worked real light today and focused on turning elbows up and dropping bar back in my hand.  55 and 65 lbs are looking pretty good.  Want to add these to warm ups and go up 5 lbs per week.
B.  Front Squat @ 85% x 2, 90% x 1 x 2
135 x 2, 155 x1 x2
Back was pretty tired from competing yesterday so was a bit hesitant to hit my numbers.  however, when I did 135, I felt strong so went up to 155.  🙂
5 minute amrap @ 85%
pull up
thruster, 65#
Pullups were not happening after 45 butterfly pu’s yesterday, so did ring rows.  All thrusters were ub.  Realized I was holding my breath at first so quickly fixed that.
1 round + 12 ring rows, 2 thrusters.
rest 3 minutes
5 minute amrap
5 T2B
5 OHS, 65#
This was SUPER hard for me.  I have not done OHS in a wod in forever and my back was tired.  Had a tough time balancing the weight and not internally rotating.
3 rounds even.
rest 3 minutes
5 minute amrap @ 85%
30 double unders
5 burpees
These went better than expected.  4 rounds plus 22 du.  Not bad for having smoked shoulders!!  🙂  I’ll take it!  Wind on du seems to be getting better.  finally.  need to work on the upright form, but i’m a work in progress.