A.  CDL @ 110% x 5 x 3 sets
worked up to 180.  Felt tough, but doable.  🙂
B.  Snatch Balance – light weight.. x 3 x 3
Felt a little tight in my T spine today so these are not as upright as I would like, but I tried to work on being less wobbly in the drop and pushing my biceps upward.  Worked at 55 and 65 lbs.  Knee felt fine on these.
C.  BN jerk grip push press x 5 x 3 sets @ 55-65% of jerk
Lots of shoulder work yesterday with MU, pull ups, and c&j so stayed on the lighter side of the percentage and did 90 lbs.  Focused on getting my head through.
15 minute armap @ 80%
10 DL @ 105
20 cal on AD
30 double unders
Felt pretty successful on these amraps this am.  First one got 4 rounds plus 10 Dl and 1 cal on AD.  Du were good with this combo.  Tried to work on being upright and keeping the rope in front.  
rest 5 minutes
15 minute amrap @ 80%
60 calorie row buy in
then amrap
ascending ladder
3 S2OH @ 65#
3 T2B
This wod went exceptionally well.  I took my time on the rower.  Got off at around 4:20.  Shook it off a bit and went at it.  I did every round UB for both movements thru 15 (15 ub ttb was DEFINITELY a PR).  Had a 1:30 left to get the round of 18’s in.  Decided to split the s2oh into 10/8.  Wanted to do the same for the ttb…hit the 10, but just ran out of time for the last 8.  Got 2 when time ran out.  Ended with the 18’s at 12 ttb.  Feeling REALLY good about that.  Clearly the gymnastics practice is showing.  🙂