A.  BN snatch grip push press + Snatch balance; 3+1 x 4-5 sets

Well, this is a surprise….I worked up to 85 (my normal weight for snatch balances) and it felt super light, so I decided that I was going to see what happened with 95.  That felt light.  Went up to 105…still felt good, so I went up to 115!!!!  So STOKED about this!!  This is HUGE for me.  🙂

B.  Front Squat x 3 reps x 5 sets.. build a bit from last week
I was hoping to go a lot over 145 this week.  That didn’t exactly happen but this week I hit 115, 145, 145, 145, 150….that’s a LOT more volume than last week, so I’ll take it!
C.  Kip swing on rings x 5 + Mu x 1-2 reps x 4 sets… use a spotter if need be
Wow….my back was SUPER tired.  I couldn’t even get up for 1 using the blue band.  Decided that I shouldn’t push this and moved on to the wod.
13 minute amrap
40 cal row
30 Pc @ 95#
20 FS @ 95#
30 box jumps, 20”
40 pull ups
My goal for this wod was to make it to the pull ups.  I ended up 4 reps shy of the entire round.  Kinda psyched about that.   Here’s how I broke it up:  Row – 2:30, PC 10/7/7/6, FS 10/5/5, BJ were non stop but my legs were SHOT….had to jump up, step down every single one of these.  Hit PU with a little less than 2 min left.  I jumped up and did all butterfly….got 36 pull ups in 1:45….I’m VERY excited about that!!!!  🙂  PROGRESS!!!!