accessory work to put in this week 3x
hollow holds x 60 sec. x 3 1:00, :45, :30 (obviously need to work on these)
static weighted back ext.hold off ghd x 20 sec. x 3 (10, 10, 15lb)
Worked with Rachel today….tightened up my butterfly pu cycle time and did CTB butterfly pu’s.  Need to work on these until next time.  Also worked a LOT on HS holds and walking drills, kipping HSPU positioning.  lots to practice!!  🙂
A.  Box squat x 4 reps x 6 sets… look to get below parallel here
115, 135, 145 x 4….much HARDER below parallel
B.  Snatch grip push press + OHS; 1+1 x 5 sets.. hold OHS for 3-5 sec. in bottom
Worked up to 120.  Forgot about the pause at bottom so only did 100 and 120 with pause.
12 minute amrap
10 unbroken wall balls, 16#
15 double unders
20 kb swings, 35#
went for the 10 ‘ to practice for comp in 1.5 weeks.  MUCH harder, but doable.
5 rounds plus 3 wb’s