A.  Snatch; 65%x5 (78), 70%x5 (84), 75%x5 (90), 80%x5 (96)
I hit all my snatches tonight.  Felt pretty good.  Even worked on letting go of hook grip at the top in the lower weights.  Finding some success there.


B.  Front Squat x 5 reps @ 70%x 3 sets (125 x 2 sets then 145 pause x 2 plus jerk)
My hip started hurting after the snatches.  I rolled it out on the lacrosse ball for a while, but it didn’t go away.  I did 1 set of FS at 125 and it felt weak.  Stretched it out for a while and decided to try the pause squats to make sure that didn’t bother me.  Kinda dumb.  😦
Stopped after this and went home.
skill work
gymnastics matts laying to MU movement x 5 x 3 sets
kip swing on pull up bar x 8 x 3 sets
10 minute ascending ladde3r
3 thrusters, 65#
3 pull ups
6 thrusters, 65#
6 pull ups