A.  Back Squat; 65-70%x6-8 reps x 3 sets
125 x 6, 145 x 6, 150 x 6…I was a little hesitant b/c my body is so sore.  Form looked good surprisingly.
B.  Hang Muscle Snatch + OHS; 3+2 x 4 sets.. hold OHS for 3-4 sec. in bottom
55, 75, 85…stopped here….just wanted to focus on form since I’m so wiped.  Again, pretty happy!
C.  10 minute Emom
odd = 1-2 MU
even = 30 sec. double unders
I did a LOT of pulling this weekend and DU so I didn’t have many expectations.  I actually got 2 mu on 2 different minutes.  DU were a bit of a mess, but got between 20 and 30 each round.  I’ll take it.
15 sec. AB sprint @ max
rest 2:45