A.  Snatch; 70%x2 (84), 75%x3 (90), 80%x4 (96)
All my snatches felt great today.  Only dropped one behind me and they all felt doable for reps, not for max effort.  That’s a BIG WIN in my book!
B.  C&J; 70%x 2singles x 4 sets (115)
Light weight so took advantage and really worked on clean 1st and 2nd pull into the hip to really open up.  Also testing new flexibility in my upper thoracic.  PT is making such progress it’s INSANE!  So greatful to Dr. Adams!
accessory work
maltese push ups w/ forward lean on db’s  10×3
Not sure if I did these correctly….here’s the vid:
kip swing on rings  10×3 sets
completed 2 sets (shoulders were a bit tired from DT)
hollow rock 20×3 sets
completed 3 sets
4 rounds for time
10 barbell facing burpees
1 round of “DT” at 105
12:37…I paced this a bit too much I think.  Wasn’t quite sure how this was going to feel since doing DT at the comp with 95 and it felt awful.  Today didn’t feel awful, which makes me feel like i could’ve gone faster.  Stuck to my plan of slow and steady burpees over bar, 11 DL drop, 8 hang cleans drop, ub pj.  Next time…PICK IT UP SOONER!