A.  Front Squat; 80%x2x6 sets – rest 60 seconds
All sets at 140 x 2….doable
B.  1/4 FS @ 90% x5x3.. really focus on locking in the front rack here
160 5 x 3….worked on front rack….need to get more flexibility on the right hand side front rack.
accessory work:
tempo dips on p-bars @ 33×1 x 5×3
These were challenging….tempo was good!
kip swing on rings x 10×3
Worked on the swing and the jump up onto the rings
strict CTB x 3 reps x 3 sets.. use a spotter if you need to
Practice DUs
Took lots of vids to see what is up.  Notice that my heals come down when I try to be upright. Total weakness to jump on my toes.  Will need to work on this for sure.
4 minutes on the AB for max average wattage
rest 2 minutes
227 cals over total time….average cals = 45.25 per 4 min segment.  Worked hard to be consistent.  HARD!!!!