A.  Hip Clean + Clean from top of knee + Clean from ground – EmOM x 6 minutes @ 65-70%.. working on bb cycling and efficiency here
Worked at 105 for these.  Everything felt heavy today!  😦
B.  FS + SJ – off rack – 80% x 1 (132), 85%x1 (140), 90%x1 (148) EmOM x 3 (%is off jerk)
Was pretty worried about this to start b/c I haven’t gone this heavy in SJ in quite a longgggg time.  It went pretty well, considering.
C.  16 minute EmOM
odd = 35 double unders
even = 8-10 CTB pull ups.. work on butterfly or kipping.. but body positioning is key here for each set.. keep legs together.. control your breathing… eyes forward
Did 6 CTB each round b/c I was worried about not being able to do MU afterwards.  I could also do 6 each round UB.  Here are the first 3 rounds:
4 rounds of:
3 minutes of rowing
1 minute of muscle-ups
Being able to do this wod after 48 CTB was nothing short of a miracle.  Shows how far I’ve really come with these movements.
round 1, 3 failed mu attempts (was expecting this until I figured out how much hip I’d need.
round 2, 1 UGLY mu…decided to stop there 
round 3, 2 linked mu!!!  woot woot
round 4, 1 mu
Total mu = 4, Total meters on rower = 2580 (I went VERY slowly!!!)