accessory work:
perfect stacked tripod HSPU off box x 10×3
kipping T2B x 8 x 3.. keep feet and legs together.. lead with shoulders
partner handstand hold – 20sec. x 3
A.  BB front rack walking lunge x 6 (3/side) x 4 sets
95 x 6 x 4
B.  Power Snatch + Hip Squat Snatch;2+1-3 x 4 sets
wrist didn’t feel amazing during this so I kept it light at 65 and just worked form today.
10 minutes on the clock
2K row @ 90%
am rap wall balls, 14# in remanding time
Finished 30 wb’s at 10:03…row took 8:20…walking lunges were a BIG factor in that!  sucky!