A. Power Sn + OHS, 3 sec pause @ knee (2+1) @60%…every 3 min for 18 min

These were great today.  Really tried to focus on that second pull and engaging my hammies then countering with the full extension.  Pretty successful I think on this!

B. CPU (from tall position on toes) 5 x 3 by feel

Stayed at 55 lbs for these….SO hard.  Feel a little stupid doing these.  I can’t get under the bar without the shrug or a small dip.

C. Clean Pull @ 90% 5 x3 at 150

Felt solid on these today.  Again focused on engaging hammies.

14 min emom

10 cal row on odd

20 du plus 7 bj

This was a breather for sure but ended up with about 25 sec rest each round.  mostly ub du.  bj with step downs…legs sore from yesterday.

14 min emom

1 round of cindy

10 du/7 kbs at 55#

This was ROUGH….I did all butterfly pu to go faster and kept tight tricep pushups…hard to do after 14 mu yesterday.  Also, air squats hurt after wb’s.  DU/KBS were HARD!  ended up with about 20 sec rest after second part, 15 sec rest after cindy.  After round 5 I needed to take 1 min rest to finish.  I think this was a good idea in retrospect.  Allowed for successful finish.