A. Snatch Squat Press – 6 x 3 @ by feel
*3 second pause OH/rep
*elevate heels as needed; recommended to start with high elevation and progress down through the sets
These went well, but bicep tendon got achey by last set.  seeing some BIG improvement with the lowest elevation.
B. High Hang Snatch + Snatch w/pause + Snatch
*by feel up to no more than 60% x(3+1+1)x3sets
*by feel up to no more than 80% x(1+1+1)x3sets
*1second pause above knee on snatch w/pause
*straps allowed
sotts press helped these in the beginning but got tired quickly.  Need to use straps in the future.
15 minutes
500m row
3 muscle ups
This is a ROUGH couplet!!!  Got 2 rounds plus 500m row.  Failed 2 mu on first round.  None on second but took a bit more time before going up there for an attempt.  Last round failed on 1 mu attempt at time cap.  Waited and hit it a min later for peace of mind.  🙂  I’d say today was a victory given the toughness of this combo!!!