A.  Clean pull + Power Clean + Jerk; 2+1+1 on the 3 minutes x 12 minutes..anything more then the bar counts.. nothing over 80%
B.  Halting snatch grip DL @ knee @ 80% x3 x 5 sets.. work on getting knees back and hamstrings loaded
C.  12 minute EmOM
strict HSPU x 2-3 good reps.. full rang x 3 minutes
kipping HSPU x 3 reps x 3 minutes
deficit EROM HSPU off box x 1 good rep x 3 minutes
ring support hold x 7-10 sec. x 3 minutes
1200m run @ 80%
rest 3 minutes
skipped run b/c of 5k race on sunday….time: 29:35…not great time, but it was hilly and hot.  Will get this number down next month.