A.  Snatch squat press x 2×5 sets.. elevate heels even more if you need to
15 lb plates with 15 lb x 2, 10 lb plates with 15, 25, 25 lbs.
B.  Front squat + Jerk; 2+2 on the 2 minutes x 12 minutes.. work on adjusting to open hand jerk position
85, 105, 95, 95, 95, 105
gymnastics work
-Theraband Shoulder Seq.
-DIP BAND STRETCH (20 sec x 3 rounds)  (band over bar over head, on knees in bottom of dip position, push bands down to straighten arms and push out to support)J
-Scap Pull Ups (10 reps x 2 rounds)
-STRICT MU (2 reps x 3 rounds)  4 singles assisted
-2 min rest between rounds.
-use spotter as needed
PB CHICKEN WINGS (15 reps x 3 rounds)
-KIPPING MU (2 reps x 3 rounds)  no time for these
-2 min rest between rounds
-STOMACH TO WALL HOLD (1 min x 3 rounds)  20 sec x 3 with hollow body!!!!  🙂  so hard!
-this is not going to be easy. Take your time between
rounds. Make sure you are fresh.
-get hands as close to the wall as possible to work on
your position. It is as much about position as it is about