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Saturday 5.30.15 — May 25, 2015

Saturday 5.30.15

A. Split Jerk
 by feel x2x3sets
-start with 60% x2
 by feel x1x3sets
B. Snatch: 70% x2x5sets
-alternate between B and C
C. Snatch from Block: 50-60% x3x5sets
-set up right above knee
-no jump on catch – so position your feet to your receiving stance on the set up of the pull
-for use as drill
Friday 5.29.15 —

Friday 5.29.15

 warm up:  hip and ankle mobility
upper thoracic extension
external rotation exercises, banded face pulls
scapular half circles
A. Back Squat: 60% x3x5sets (138)
-1 set every minute on the minute for 5 min
-5sec pause on 1st rep of each set
gymnastics work
1)STRICT RING PULL UP HOLDS (5 reps w/ 5 sec hold
at top point of each rep)
-lock in false grip as best as possible and keep hollow
body position throughout rep.
2)PB DIPS (20 reps reps x 5 rounds)
-break them up as needed. Take rest between rounds
so you are fully rested.
side x 4 rounds)
-elbows locked out when hands in contact with ground.
-controlled exercises, so take your time and make sure
you are ready to go before starting each round.4)MALTESE PUSH UPS (20 reps x 5 rounds)
-rest as needed between rounds.
-WINDSHIELD WIPERS (15 reps each side x 3 rounds)
-ARCH UPS (20 reps x 3 rounds)
5 rounds
10 pull ups
10 PC @ 65#
Thursday 5.28.15 —
Wednesday 5.27.15 —

Wednesday 5.27.15

A. BN Split Jerk + OH Squat(jerk or narrow grip)
 by feel x1+5
 by feel x1+4
 by feel x1+3
 by feel x1+2
by feel x1+1
internally rotating my shoulder felt HORRIFIC, so this forced me to stay really tight and in good form, but had to sacrifice weight.  went bar x 5, 45 x 4, 55 x 3, x2, x1
B. C&J:
-1 set every 3 minutes
 85% x1 went a little light at first….125
 60% x195
 85-90% x1 125
 70% x1 110
 85-95% x1 135 (fail)
 70% x1 110
 85-100% x1 135 SUCCESS!
 60% x3 95
C. CDL: 80% clean x5reps x5sets, then by feel x3-5reps x5sets
ooops…forgot about these.  oh well!
gymnastics work
1)FREESTANDING HS HOLDS (25 sec x 5 rounds)
-spotters can assist as needed, but not much. Athlete
should be trying to find stability on their own while spotters
are preventing them from coming down.
-if you need to come down, stop clock and kick right back
up to resume.
only worked on these today….shoulder still healing….these floaters are looking better tho!
2)STOMACH TO WALL STRICT HSPU (3 reps x 7 rounds)
-objective is to try and keep core tight as much as
possible. Work on not losing the hollow position.
-hands can be a little bit away from the wall creating a
slight angle from hands to feet.
3)WEIGHTED RING DIPS + HOLD (5 reps with 10 sec hold x
4 rounds)
-weight vest is preferred over hanging weight.
-find appropriate weight that is challenging but can
complete sequence.
-No kipping. Full locked out elbow position on support.
-break up however you want. Use stall bars or spotter to
make sure fully still after each rep.
Tuesday 5.26.15 —

Tuesday 5.26.15

A. high hang clean +clean w/2 pos pause +jerk: by feel x (3+1+1)x3sets
-1second pause above knee and in catch of clean w/pause
-up to no more than 50%
75, 85, 85
B. high hang clean +clean +jerk
 by feel x(2+1+1)x2sets
-up to no more than 60%
95 x 2
 by feel x(1+1+1)x2sets
-up to no more than 70%
115 x 2
5 minute amrap
10 cal row
10 PS @ 55# switched to pcl at 65#
3 rounds plus 4 reps
-rest 3 minutes
5 minute amrap
10 box jumps w/ step down
15 kb swings, 55#
20 air squats
2 rounds plus 12 reps
Monday 5.25.15 —

Monday 5.25.15

A. Snatch pulls
 80-90% x2x3sets
85, 95, 105 x 2 
 90-95% x1x2-3sets
105, 115
 5 minute EMOM: 85-90% heaviest single from today x1
B. Front Squat with 3 bounces/rep
85% clean x3reps x1set
by feel x2reps x1set
by feel x1rep x2sets
85% heaviest weight used on C3 x3repsx1set
These were realllll tough.  only went up to 115.  more would’ve felt terrible.  I can tell that all day sitting yesterday and 7 hours in a car was a factor here.  booo…
95 x 2, 115 x 2, 95 x 3
gymnastics work
HS hold, belly facing, 30 sec
HS hold, with plates, work on positioning and stretching up tall!!!
Banded MU???
WOrked on HS holds with plates ONLY
conditioning work:
7 minute amrap
100m run
50 double unders, tight quads and glutes (NEW JUMPROPE…woo hoo!!)
3 rounds plus 1 run….worked hard on du form tho.  Trying to keep rope in front or at least not past my body.  Trying to straighten out legs a bit also
Saturday 5.22.15 — May 18, 2015

Saturday 5.22.15

Might need to scrap this entire day for shoulder rest.  Run 5k instead.

28:30…1:05 PR…9:10 pace….Need to get to sub 28 min to get into the 8 min range


A. Small swing strict MU + slow negative transition + assisted transition x 5-7 w/ spotter
B1. 1 ring dip @3333 rest 5 sec 3 kipping AFAP x 3 sets
B2. 1 strict pull up @3333 rest 5 sec BFPU AFAP x 3 sets
C. HS shoulder shifts x 3-5/side belly to wall feet slightly above hips (not full HS position, shift weight to one side, pause 1 sec each side)
A. Hang Snatch(above knee) – by feel x2x5sets
-anything more than the bar counts up to as heavy as posslbe
-practice knee movement from knee up(forward)
B. Snatch – 75-85% x5 total reps
-break back down to the bar and warm back up with regular snatch
C. Clean + Jerk – by feel x2+1 x5sets
-can build up to heavy but 5 total sets only with anything more than the bar counting as set
Friday 5.22.15 —

Friday 5.22.15

A. Back Squat
. 85% and above for 5-10 total reps up to as heavy as possible at least 195 today!!!!
. 70% of heaviest of the day x10reps x1set
195 x 1 x 4 sets, 200 x 1 
10 x 138
5 minute amrap
10 box jumps w/ step down, 20″
5 T2B sub in hollow hold 30 sec.
4 rounds….TTB would’ve been much easier!  😦
rest 3 minutes
5 minute amrap
5 thrusters, 45# subbed 15 lb DB 
10 HPc @ 75#
 5 rounds
rest 3 minutes
5 minute amrap
100m run
25 double unders
all ub du…4 rounds
A1. 3 Wall walks +10 sec HS floater last rep into HS forward roll x 5 sets
A2. Assisted strict MU transitions 3-5 x 5 sets  **only use as much help as needed from legs
skip these today
8-10 min
4 DD hspu  skip
8 side plank ups/side (on hand)
12 sec tucked ring support hold
16 sec arch hold
Wednesday 5.20.15 —

Wednesday 5.20.15

A. Power Clean From Block(above knee) + Jerk
-% of estimated best quality power clean from floor
. 60% x 6+1 (105)
. 70% x 4+1 (125)
. 75% x 3+1 (130)
. 80% x 2+1 (140)
. 85% x 1+1 (145)
 by feel x 1(optional)
. 75% x 3+1 (130)
Opted for no jerk today b/c I’m resting my damn shoulder.  Cleans felt good, but the damn blocks SUCK…need to buy a real set!
B. 10 minute alternating EMOM
-CDL: 75% quality CDL(back tight/clean positions; estimate if needed) x5 reps(use straps)
-box jumps: 5 per set @ 30″
CDL felt amazing with straps…gotta do that more
3 minute row @ 80% effort
rest 2 minutes
600m run @ 80%
rest 2 minutes
x3 rounds
these were nice and slow pace.  Went up the hill for two rounds for some extra running practice.
Tuesday 5.19.15 —

Tuesday 5.19.15

A. BN Jerk Grip Push Press – 5 x 5 @ by feel
-anything more than the bar counts as set
-1 second pause in lockout/rep
B. SPU + Snatch
. 1 x 5+1 @ bar
. 1 x 4+1 @ by feel
. 1 x 3+1 @ by feel
. 1 x 2+1 @ by feel
. 1 x 1+1 @ by feel
-anything more than the bar counts on by feel
-can work up to heavy for this exercise; remember this is not a hip or high hang clean, but a lean back and pull under only
-1 set every 2 minutes
A. Small swing strict MU x 5 w/ spotter
B1. False grip ring pull ups x 3-5 x 3 sets  **5 sec pause at the top of each rep
B2. 1 1/8 strict Ring dips x 3 x 3 sets **full depth + small press out of bottom back down to full depth + press out
C1. P-lette DD HSPU feet elevated x 3-5 x 3 sets
C2. DD tricep push ups x 5-7 x 3 sets