A.  Snatch DL x 3 x 8 sets @ 80-90%
*focus on eyes up from the beginning, once you get to over knee scoop bar in and bring knees forward here
B.  Clean Grip RDL to top of knee x 5×3 @ 85% of best clean
gymnastics work
A. Strict partner MU x 3 x 3-4 sets **slow negative through transition spotted, goal is to fist bump with rings at chest on negative transition – reps start and finish with 2 sec full dead hang
B1. Neutral grip pull ups x 3 x 4 sets *1-2 sec pause at the top and bottom of each rep, straight body, no arch
B2. Tempo weighted p-bar dips x 2 x 4 sets **1st rep is 5 sec down, 5 sec pause in the hole
1 mile TT run
rest 10 minutes
1 mile run @ 80% of TT
rest 10 minutes
1 mile run @ 90% of TT