A.  Back Squat; 80% x 20 total reps in 4-5 sets (184)
B.  Clean off blocks above knee
*emphasize squeezing bar against legs to start.. hold first catch of each set in bottom for 2 sec.
gymnastics work
A1. (Swings on rings x 3 + 1 kipping MU + 1 strict straight body dip + 5 sec tuck hold in support + exaggerated sit back + 2 swings + dead stop) x 5 sets  **bigger sit back this week
A2. DD HSPU x 5 x 5 sets
B1. Mat turnover drill x 5 x 2-3 sets  **last rep max L-sit hold
B2. HIGH kipping C2B pull ups x 4-5 x 2-3 sets **as high as possible – tight body focus
Run 2 miles at easy pace