Gymnasty date with Rachel!!!!  🙂
 worked on HS holds, SHSPU, KHSPU….got free standing for a few seconds.  Need to continue to work on these!! Worked hard on hand positioning….will continue to practice!
A.  BN Snatch grip push press  x5x3.. hold each rep OH for 2 perfect seconds
B.  Snatch from pause @ knee @ 70%x2x3 (84)
C.  Back Squat; 75%x5 (172), 83-90%  (190-207) for 5 total reps,
175 x 5, 190 for 5 singles…WOO HOO…strength is getting back up there!
4 rounds
15 pull ups
30 walking lunge steps
60 double unders
18:03…all butterfly pu’s.  du were in 20/20/20s or 30/15/15…rough start