A.  Snatch squat press x 2×6.. elevate heels a bit more if needed to get perfect OH position
Felt good today.  15, 25, 25 with 10 lb plate elevation, then 25, 35, 35 with 5 lb elevation (WOOT WOOT!)
B.  Front Squat; 75-85% – complete 20 total reps in 5-6 sets
135 x 5, 135 x 5, 135 x5, 145 x 5 (next time need to go up here!)
(complete 2 rounds of the gymnastics work I will send over)
-Theraband Shoulder Seq

1)KIPPING MU EMOM (3 x 7 minutes)

skipped b/c of shoulder….will work on these with Rachel on Friday!!
2)OVERHEAD PLATE HOLDS (accumulate 3 min)
-45lb plate. Break up as needed. Do the best you can to
go unbroken. Scale weight if you need to.
used 25 lb plates and help for 2 sets of 1 min.  will go for 35 lbs next time.
3)KIPPING TOES TO BAR (20 reps x 4 rounds)
-90 sec rest between rounds
skipped these since have tomorrow
4)ARCH ROCKS (35 reps x 4 rounds)
Did about 40 total rocks.  so hard from front to back.
-90 sec rest between rounds
SHOULDER TOUCHES (7 each side x 3 rounds)
-controlled exercises. Shift weight all the way over
before taking hand of the ground. You should be able to
balance on one hand if needed.
-elbows stay locked out.
10 minute amrap
15 cal row
30 double unders
4 round plus 15 cal row plus 20 du….goal was 5 rounds….need to get a bit better with du stamina