A.  Clean pull @ 90%x5x4 sets – eyes up from the beginning
Starting to get good at these!  finally!!
gymnastics work
-Theraband Shoulder Sequence
-RING DIP STRETCH (20 sec x 2 rounds)
-Strict Bar Pull Ups (5 reps x 2 rounds)
-slow action. Preparation for the MU work next…
1)STRICT MU WITH SPOT (3 rep x 2 rounds)
-if you have no problem with a strict MU, perform
them by yourself.
worked with spotter…kinda smoked today…not happening so great! 😦
3)BURPEE PULL OVERS (10 reps x 3 rounds)
-rest as much time as needed between rounds.
these were fun!  

4)PUSH UPS (15 – 20 reps x 2 rounds)
-rest as needed. Try not to come down each round,
even if you just hold the plank position as a resting point.
Do the best you can.
HS WORK (did with rachel yesterday)
HS KICK UPS (5 rounds x 10 sec)
-warm up for wrists, shoulders, elbows
HS WALK FOR DISTANCE (50 ft x 2 rounds)
-no partner this week. Do the best you can with the
distance. Do unbroken as much as possible.
-elbows locked when hand is in contact with the
-if you come down, take a few seconds and kick right
back up from that point.

1 mile TT
rest 10 minutes
1 mile run @ 90% of TT
rest 10 minutes
1 mile run @ 90% of TT
Ran out of time for this….did 2 mile hill run on sunday in its place.  🙂  getting better!!