A. Snatch pulls
 80-90% x2x3sets
85, 95, 105 x 2 
 90-95% x1x2-3sets
105, 115
 5 minute EMOM: 85-90% heaviest single from today x1
B. Front Squat with 3 bounces/rep
85% clean x3reps x1set
by feel x2reps x1set
by feel x1rep x2sets
85% heaviest weight used on C3 x3repsx1set
These were realllll tough.  only went up to 115.  more would’ve felt terrible.  I can tell that all day sitting yesterday and 7 hours in a car was a factor here.  booo…
95 x 2, 115 x 2, 95 x 3
gymnastics work
HS hold, belly facing, 30 sec
HS hold, with plates, work on positioning and stretching up tall!!!
Banded MU???
WOrked on HS holds with plates ONLY
conditioning work:
7 minute amrap
100m run
50 double unders, tight quads and glutes (NEW JUMPROPE…woo hoo!!)
3 rounds plus 1 run….worked hard on du form tho.  Trying to keep rope in front or at least not past my body.  Trying to straighten out legs a bit also