A. BN Split Jerk + OH Squat(jerk or narrow grip)
 by feel x1+5
 by feel x1+4
 by feel x1+3
 by feel x1+2
by feel x1+1
internally rotating my shoulder felt HORRIFIC, so this forced me to stay really tight and in good form, but had to sacrifice weight.  went bar x 5, 45 x 4, 55 x 3, x2, x1
B. C&J:
-1 set every 3 minutes
 85% x1 went a little light at first….125
 60% x195
 85-90% x1 125
 70% x1 110
 85-95% x1 135 (fail)
 70% x1 110
 85-100% x1 135 SUCCESS!
 60% x3 95
C. CDL: 80% clean x5reps x5sets, then by feel x3-5reps x5sets
ooops…forgot about these.  oh well!
gymnastics work
1)FREESTANDING HS HOLDS (25 sec x 5 rounds)
-spotters can assist as needed, but not much. Athlete
should be trying to find stability on their own while spotters
are preventing them from coming down.
-if you need to come down, stop clock and kick right back
up to resume.
only worked on these today….shoulder still healing….these floaters are looking better tho!
2)STOMACH TO WALL STRICT HSPU (3 reps x 7 rounds)
-objective is to try and keep core tight as much as
possible. Work on not losing the hollow position.
-hands can be a little bit away from the wall creating a
slight angle from hands to feet.
3)WEIGHTED RING DIPS + HOLD (5 reps with 10 sec hold x
4 rounds)
-weight vest is preferred over hanging weight.
-find appropriate weight that is challenging but can
complete sequence.
-No kipping. Full locked out elbow position on support.
-break up however you want. Use stall bars or spotter to
make sure fully still after each rep.