1) WALL WALKS (4 rounds x 7 reps)
-complete to full handstand position with each rep
-90 sec rest between rounds
2) MAX RING DIPS (3 rounds)
-3 min rest between sets here
-no kipping. Keep head and chest neutral and always
be conscious of hitting that bottom position.
-hip angle stays open (at 180) the entire time
3) PLANK PARTNER PUSH DOWN (3 rounds x 1 min)
-start in either push up position or on elbows and find
solid hollow position.
-have partner push down on your lower back area for
the required time.
-they should push as hard as possible where hollow
shape can stay intact. If lower back shape weakens, have
partner ease up.
-1 min rest between rounds.
-kick up with partner spotting. Accumulate 2
minutes in the least amount of kick ups possible.
-if you have access to any kind of soft surface (panel
mats, yoga mats, etc., please use them.
-have partner spot so his stomach if facing athletes
back. Partner holds around both calves equally. Step
down when you get tired.
-keep track of the time and write down how long it
takes to accumulate 2 min.
A. Front squat – 70% x3x5sets
B. Front Overload 1/4 Squats
90% clean x3+10 second hold(1 set)
100% clean x3+10 second hold(1 set)
100-130% clean x(3+10 second hold)x3sets
in front of a 12 minute clock
1 minute row
1 minute box jump w/ step down @ 20″
2 minute hang squat clean @ 50% of max (85)
2 minute russian kb swing, 55#
3 minute double unders
3 minute burpee