-Theraband Shoulder Seq
-Partner Shoulder Stretches
WALL WALKS (7 reps x 4 rounds)
-1 min rest between sets accumulated 5 reps
-make sure to get as close to wall as possible with
completion of each handstand. Also, keep core as tight as
possible throughout.
BODY TIGHTENERS: 10 sec hold/10 sec relax for 6
rounds done!
-lay down on on ground (on stomach) and mimic a
handstand position with hands flat up against wall.
Whole body should be flat on ground through exercise.
Squeeze entire body as tight as possible working on
pushing arm pits down towards ground and rolling hips
under into good hip tuck position.
PARTNER HS HOLDS (20 sec x 5 rounds)
-partner holds legs to help with balance and athlete
works on position as best as possible.
-stay tight from fingertips all the way to toes.
DId kevin montoya assisted hs holds with plates
PARTNER STRICT MU (3 reps x 5 rounds)
-full range strict MU with a partner standing on box
behind athlete spotting around the waist throughout
entire action. Partner spots as much as needd.
-if athlete is incapable of doing strict action even with
a spot, work on weakest link (either pull up or dip actions).
If gym has Ring Thing, use it as another scaling option.
accumulated 5 strict mu with no assistance
A.  BS; 80-85% of clean x 5 reps, 90-100% of clean x 5 x 4 sets
skipped these due to hip
B.  Snatch pull + SPU + OHS; 1+1+1 x 5 sets
35, 45, 55 x 3
C.  bB bent over row x 5 x 3 sets
55, 65, 55
15 minute amrap
15 cal row
15 PC @ 65#
15 BOB (burpees over barbell)
8 burpees shy of 4 rounds