back squat wider stance
HS Practice…3 x forward leaning weighted bar holds, 3 x 30 sec headstand holds
3 rounds of:
15 sec deep dip hold
7 ring pull ups, semi false grip
10 sec ring support hollow holds (getting better with these finally)
A.  BN snatch grip push press x 3×3 sets
kept it light since first time on my shoulder with these…65, 85, 95
B.1  bS x 7 reps @ 70% x 3 sets
also kept these light….tried wider stance….less pain in hip for sure.  Gonna keep working this!  125 x 5 x 3
B.2  Lean away chin ups x 3 x3
little weakness visible on left side
6 minute amrap
3 burpee box jumps, 20″
35 double unders
4 rounds plus 3 burpees, 3 du