A.  Clean + fsqt + SJ; 1+2+1 – Every 2 minutes x 12 minutes
worked at 95 lbs.  Jerk is such a mess….really need to work on this with the barbell club!
B.  Back Squat @ 70%x5 reps x 3 sets *3 sec. pause for each lift
skipped today…doing pause fs with sean’s program
C.1  Strict T2B + strict high pull up x 3 sets
had no strict ttb today….need to get these back
C.2  strict Mu transition by feelt x 3 sets
worked with spotter on these….3 times doing mu in one week…not happening.
C.3  P-lette box HSPU x 8 x 3 sets
4, 2/2, 2
4 rounds
10 pull ups
20m goblet walking lunge steps @ 70#
this KB weight was ridiculously heavy….pu’s ub (first time doing them since injury…woot woot)  8:29
rest 7-10 minutes
4 rounds
15 cal row
15 wall balls, 14#
went to 10 foot target….all ub…8:27….not too shabby I think!