Sean’s WOD:
ankle mobility drills
10 x 5 sets of BN strict press with 55#….super challenging today.  Not sure what was up.
5 x 5 sets of 105 pause front squats in nike metcons….rough also.  Working on getting weight back over mid foot….this is just real slow going.

Accumulate 2 min total time hanging with 25# weight hanging from waist….3:00 total time…1:00 set, 1:00 min rest, 1:00 min set.  Still, however, can’t kip well.  bummer!!!
A.  Clean + fsqt + SJ; 1+2+1 – Every 2 minutes x 12 minutes
totally smoked today….will try to do these tomorrow
B.  Back Squat @ 70%x5 reps x 3 sets *3 sec. pause for each lift
subbed pause front squats for these at 105 lbs 5 reps x 5 sets
C.  Snatch pull + High Hang Snatch + Snatch; 1+1+1 x 5 sets @ 70-75% of snatch
shoulder was achey….going to wait til tomorrow
35 cTB pull ups
100 double unders
35 pull ups
couldn’t do any pu’s, so subbed 35 GHDSU for both CTB and 35 ghdsu for regular pu’s….total time: 6:23