Practice Hand Stands today….10 lunge kick ups each side, then hold
Day 1
A1. Strict HSPU by feel x 3-4 sets
A2. Mixed grip high pull chin up cluster, alternate grip each rep x 3-4 sets
2 strict HSPU each round.  Each pull up was to chest height…pretty psyched about that.  🙂
B1. Deficit HSPU feet on 27-30″ box by feel x 3 sets
B2. Pike dead hang to inverted on rings x 3-5 x 3 sets  **lower with as straight body as possible
Did either 2 or 3 Deficit HSPU on the 30″ box…pretty challenging.  Could not do the pike dead hang to inverted and then lever so i did tucks to levers…3 each round.  vids attached.
2 rounds
10 hollow rocks
10 hollow ups
10 sec hollow hold
10 sec leg lowering abs x 3
10 sec supine posterior pelvic tilt x 3
**rest 10 sec between exercises, rest 90 sec between rounds
I REALLY liked this hollow series…I’m going to do these in my warmup 3 x a week.  Thanks for programming.
After this I did sean’s program.  
12 x 3 sets of DB pressouts with 10 lb.  
Then I accumulated 2:00 min of 95 lb held OH….I did 3 sets of 45, 40, 30 sec (messed up the math).  Total time 5:03
Lastly, 3 rounds of 80m farmers carries with 35# each hand.
A.  BN snatch grip push press + OHS; 3+3 x 3 sets **build 5% from last week
65, 75, 90…failed on the 90 OHS so did again….pretty happy.  Wore LOW shoes and focused HARD on my Tspine staying tight.  Getting there….little by little.
B.  Back Squat x 3 reps @80%x4 sets **first rep has a 3 sec. pause
**do anderson squats here if you need to
My hip felt decent today on the OHS, so I decided to do an experiment BS’ing with low shoes on.  Pretty stoked about my positioning in them.  went 90 x 3, 125 x 3, 145 x 3 x 2 sets.  My hip was working hard so I decided to call it here.  Need to rebuild some strength here, but the lower shoes feel better
C.  Strict MU + transition (3) x 3 sets **off feel
**after each set do 10 kip swings on rings
My arms are still shot from Friday’s lunges with that KB, so I got a spotter for MU today.  😦  Kinda bummed, but I’m not gonna let it get to me.  
25 yard plate OH walking lunge @ 25#
30 sec. on the AB — get HR up to 160 or higher
25 yard plate OH walking lunge @ 25#
rest 2 minutes
x3-4 rounds
3 hours later…I decided to do only 3 rounds of this today.  Times were as follows:  2:42 (UB both times OHS), 2:40 (split 2nd OHL in half), 2:46 (split 2nd OHL in half).