gymnastics wednesday
Gymnastics work
A. Complex x 5 times through, rest as needed between sets **use a spotter if needed
3 ring swings
1 MU transition
3 sec low dip hold
1 kipping dip
3 sec support hold
had a couple failures, but that was because I fell out of the false grip.  Once I got up there securely I was fine.
B1. HS (piked) hold on physic ball x 10 sec x 3-5
B2. strict rope climbx1x3-5
B3. P-lette Depth push ups x 5 x 3-5 sets  **as low as your
B4. P-bar body rows x 5 x 3-5 sets
These went really well…did 4 rounds of each.  Didn’t have phsyio ball, but used the rower seat, worked well!
Sean’s workouts went really well today!!  Made some big progress:
ankle module/stretching
DB press out, 12 lb, 10 reps x 4 sets
hold bottom of BS with 85 lb…total time 4:35, sets of 45, 55, 20 seconds 
KB high pulls with 15 lb, 12 x 4 sets
Farmers carry, 80m x 35 Lb per hand x 3 sets
Did the following PM:
3K run @ 150-160 HR
16 and some change, but my HR was about 160-165 most of the time
rest 7 minutes
3K run @ 150-160 HR
17:30….again had hard time getting HR down