Started with seans wods today:
Ankle module:  Ankle distraction, 2 min each foot, KB squat holds, barefoot foot walking drills (ball of feet, heels, inversion, eversion), 1 foot hopping
A) Box Squats to 3″ below parallel (use bumpers as a box, the top 6 plates should all be 10s so we can lower the height each week.): 125#, 6 reps, 4 sets, 2 minute rest

B) Front Squat hold: 85#, hold bottom (BOTTOM) for 2 minutes on a running clock, record time to complete

C) Kossack: 10 reps each side, 3 sets, 60 second rest

Just so you can see how hard I’m working for Sean, here is video of my Box squats in nike metcons….so hard for  me!
This is fs holds at the bottom…these do me in…
After above my CNS was smoked  Moved on to wod after resting 30 min.
A.  Clean DL + Hang power clean + Clean; 1+1+1 x 5 sets @ 75%
B.  Front squat + SJ; 1+1 x 4-5 sets @ 70%
6 minute amrap
10 DL, 115#
15 box jump overs w/ step down
20 double unders
25 wall balls, 20#
30 double unders
~rest 4 minutes~
x2 rounds
Round 1: 1 full round (took WB’s in 5’s)
Round 2: 1 full round plus 10 DL (WB’s in 9, 9, 7)…hard!
After this practiced bar mu for first time…woot woot!  did 2 sets of 2!  First time in months!