A.  Snatch pull into finish (don’t let bar bounce away from you) + Snatch; 1+1 x 2 @ 70% then 1+1 x 2 @ 75% then 1+1×2 @ 80%
B.  Back Squat; 78%x4, 90%x1, 78%x4, 90%x1, 78%x4, 90%x1
gymnastics work
A1. Strict HSPU by feel x 3 sets  **any height that you can come back up solid
A2. Stall bar T2B x 3-5 x 3 sets
B1. Slow Negative P-lette Deficit HSPU to shoulder stand hold (feet on box, float feet off the box for the shoulder stand x 3 x 3 sets **hold the shoulder stand by feel
B2. Pike dead hang to inverted on rings x 3-5 x 3 sets  **lower with as straight body as possible
C1. Deficit push ups x 5-7 x 5 sets **low as possible
C2. False grip ring hang by feel x 5-7 sets