gymnastics work
A. 3 swings + 1 kipping MU (catch as high as possible) + negative MU to full dead hang x 5
**fight through negative transition
B. EMOM x 12
3 sets – strict HSPU x 3
3 sets – P-lette deficit x 3 (feet elevated)
3 sets – kipping HSPU x 3-5
3 sets Negative HSPU x 1-3 **go to target height that you can control entire descent
**adjust as you go to get good reps (variations and rep scheme)
C1. Strict Ring pull up + max hang at highest pull up position x 3 sets
C2. Bottom ring  dip hold x 10-20 sec x 3 sets
D. Upward plank – collect 1 min
E. 50 RT MU for time  – full dead hang to full straight body lockout
**this is a burnout so you might want to do this after weightlifting & CF
cal bike
FW @35#