A. Warm-Up(3 Rounds)
Bear Crawl 25 Meters
Thera band Rows x 10
Thera Band Scap Retraction x 10
Wall Slides x 5(I will show you these)

B1. Tempo Ring Push-Up – 5-7 x 4 Sets, 3.1.3 Tempo

could not do this without pain…tried about 5
B2. Top Of the Chin-Up Hold – Max Time x 4

did not hurt….held for about 10-15 sec.  also pull up in this grip didn’t hurt
C1. Weighted Dip Support Hold – Max Time x 4; 25# KB Added Weight

couldn’t do this. Did unweighted on rings for about 10 sec
C2. Seated Sled Drag – 25 Meters x 4

2 plates plus a 25 lb plate
D. Triceps extension – 8-10 x 3 Sets forgot…ooops
10 sets(add 5 Rounds if you can do all 10 Sets Unbroken)
10 Dubs
rest :10 Sec

did pretty much unbroken. Pretty easy.  added 5 more rounds ub.  

added wod onto today:  15 cal ab (slowish), 1 min du (got about 40 per round in 2 sets)



If You mess up twice add 5 Sec to Your Rest

This is more a test for me than for you 🙂